A New Kind of Valentine's Day

Jazzercise Official Website, February 14, 2014

Ah, Valentine’s Day.


What’s meant to be the internationally recognized day of love is often criticized as a shallow commercial holiday created solely to fuel unnecessary consumerism. It is the one day a year that demands we express our feelings by rushing to get last minute flowers or doing the impossible to score a booth at the quintessentially romantic restaurant in town—or conversely—making those who are single feel shunned and forlorn for having no one to call their Valentine.


Somewhere between the absent-minded among us trying to stay out of the doghouse and those flying solo among us simply trying to make it through the day, a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day movement has been born. Why do we give this holiday so much power? Why do we allow it to validate a romantic relationship or cast shame on being single, as though the other 364 days count for nothing?


Well, we (as well as many experts) say that love is about connection, which makes the possibilities for how each of us experiences it endless. As such, we are hereby reclaiming Valentine’s Day as a holiday dedicated to celebrating ALL things pertaining to love. You can love your grandkids, your girlfriends, your dog, even the reflection gazing back at you in the mirror. No matter your current life circumstances, if you are fortunate enough to in some way or another feel one of the arguably greatest emotions known to humankind, then that is reason enough to celebrate it.


So whether you plan on being showered with love letters and rose petals, grabbing dinner with friends or family, or settling in with a chick flick and a glass of Merlot, how about we view today (and by that turn, every day) as an opportunity to do something, no matter how small, that says to someone, anyone, to ourselves, “You are loved.”