The Future Starts Today

Intel Corporation, August 26, 2013

What is change?

Is it the hands of the clock?

Or the ebb and flow of the seasons?


What if there’s more to change than what can simply be observed?

What if change involves a choice?

The choice to merely survive

versus the choice to succeed.


Each of us has a chance to live without boundaries,

carrying within ourselves an infinite source of untapped potential.

If we are capable of achieving greatness individually,

just imagine what we could do collectively.

The possibilities are endless.

In unity there is unparalleled strength,

and in change newborn opportunity.


The future of Intel starts with a vision.

In that vision we will not only continue to thrive

as one of the most respected brands in the world,

but we will also pave the way for unprecedented innovation,

propelling ourselves forward, shattering expectations,

and setting new standards as industry leaders.


The future of Intel starts with a plan.

In that plan we will create a more integrated approach

to defining and establishing a unique new identity,

implementing streamlined, uniform themes easily recognizable

and automatically associated with excellence by all.


The future of Intel starts with action.

Only if we each commit to carrying our message throughout the world

will we witness the results of decades of proven genius

combined with the limitless potential of tomorrow.


Together, the future of Intel starts today.