Don't Be a Cyber Crime Victim

Juniper Networks, August 23, 2013 https://stormwind.wi ... n7buwphy9m

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What would you do if you were the victim of a cybercrime? What would be the financial implications if your ecommerce website were to go down for even just 24 hours?


On average, it takes 24 days and $500,000 to resolve a cyber attack (Ponemon Institute)*. Furthermore, due to the discovery of constantly evolving and increasingly sophisticatedhacking methods, the monetary impact of  cybercrime is estimated to rise by 10 percent through the year 2016 (Gartner)*.


Fortunately, we at Juniper have developed an innovative,comprehensive security solution that not only mitigatesthe impact of cyber attacks, but also proactively locks them down before they ever really have a chance to begin.


Our unique defense trio—Web App Secure, Spotlight Secure, and DDoS Secure— delivers a new way of ensuring full cyber security against the newly emerged, complex attacks that current security product offerings have proven incapable of effectively combatting.


By successfully identifying mal-actors, covertly retaining information with intrusion deception technology, and placing details into a protected databank, we are proud to present the next generation of cyber security.


At Juniper, we work hard so that you can rest easy.






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